5 Examples Of New Age Music

“With Equilibrium, Kerani has generated an additional masterpiece. I am profoundly impressed together with Kerani’s musicality along with creativity. The Girl abilities like a composer, arranger, along with instrumentalist are stellar. The Girl use involving electronic keyboards to generate orchestration can be breathtaking - throughout fact, a few of the greatest I’ve at any time heard.”

Michael Diamond, music & Media Focus

“Although the lady has recently launched Epic music a quantity of albums, Equilibrium can be finally the album that may just place this really accomplished lady around the musical map.”

Robert S. Silvertein, mwe3.com

“Equilibrium is a extremely inspired album. This is perfect for sure of this year’s finest releases – via among our favorite new artists. Using a few more releases just like this, Kerani may perfectly become our subsequent New Age Group songs superstar.” BT Fasmer, NewAgeMusic.guide

“New get older audio that is not noodling and also formless,… tasty, engaging stuff in which proceeds with just the right touch.” Midwest Record

“Call it new get older songs or even modern-classical music, nevertheless it features every small thing you could want – lovely melodies, several spacey sections, piano-synth augmented through a few classical instruments, relaxing nevertheless interesting.” Buzz Music

“This can be some of the finest new age instrumental music launched this year. This specific new age audio moves with its own pace, carefully weaving its silken threads with each and every other in to a beautiful whole.” Magle Int’l Audio Forums

“This will be delicate music, textured, along with depth along with dimension,… . This can be love, pasion, companionship, caring, nurturing, feeling, human music in the ages regarding ages.”

music Dialogue Forum

“Equilibrium is definitely an outstanding http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPjouLKpoq4 album, along with exceptional songs in which is, as we now have occur to expect via Kerani, innovative, poignant, expressive, beautiful, inspired, at occasions even magical”. Gaia Prime Radio

“The love, empathy, and knowledge of feminine energy provides inspiration for this magnificent treasury.” Midwest Guide Review

“Delicate but strong, everyone of your pieces creates the actual essential energy which can easily be woman. Kerani offers as soon as once more employed your ex undoubted ability along with keyboard as well as synthesizer, combined with orchestral arrangements to produce magnificence inside sound.”

Blue Wolf Reviews, Australia

“El perfeccionamiento de Kerani en los últimos años ha sido exponencial. La calidad en la producción y la composición están a new la altura de los más grandes compositores, ya sean del género New Grow Older como de otros estilos instrumentales. Equilibrium es sin lugar the dudas, uno de los Mejores Álbumes del Año, al que damos la mayor de las puntuaciones.” Alejandro Clavijo - Critiques New Age, Spain

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