17 BS Facts Concerning Madden 17 Coins everyone Thinks are True

To all the uninformed out there, the football season features a curse lurking more than its shoulder. A New large amount of athletes refuse in order to acknowledge it, nevertheless it does exist. the evidence will be too overwhelming. Needless to say we're talking about the Madden Curse.

What may end up being the so-called "Madden Curse" you could ask? Properly the madden curse is the 1 thing that transpires with whatever athlete can be displayed around the protect of the newest edition of the hugely well-known John Madden football video game series. Just what happens? Very simply, that they acquire injured! They Will may get injured pertaining to one game, or in the example of the Atlanta Falcons ex-quarterback Michael Vick, these people shed his or her athletes pertaining to damn near the complete year! Michael Vick ended up being the featured athlete upon Madden '04 and ended up being lost for the Atlanta falcons on a knee injury during their particular 04-05 season! This is irrelevant the severity with the injury or the duration of the injury, it seems like in which as long since the athlete will be injured, the particular Madden Curse is actually satisfied! Any little identified fact is that not merely can the actual Madden Curse affect the actual featured athlete on the cover, in addition, it affects the team that the athlete will be on!

Case throughout point, the particular 2006 include of Madden featured quarterback Donovan Mcnabb with the Philadelphia Eagles. Your Eagles were clean through their particular Super Bowl run the year before from the New England Patriots, (we'll enter that later) and also mut coins anticipations had been substantial amongst Eagle fans (myself included), for that team to return towards the Super Bowl, along with now for you to win! Unfortunately, it had been not to be able to be. I knew which this is going to be a bad yr because of the Madden Curse. and when I pointed out this to those less informed I ended up being told, "You're crazy! We're going all the approach to the Super Bowl!". that years' Eagle team barely created your playoffs so we lost Donovan Mcnabb for any excellent part of the developing season to numerous injuries. Right now the particular New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady ended up being susposed being about the deal with of this years Madden also. And Also with the last minute, regarding whatever reason, respectfully declined. Believe with regards to it. the New England Patriots had your monicker involving "Dynasty" wear these following their particular win contrary to be able to the Philadelphia Eagles within the Super Bowl since this was their particular third Super Bowl earn throughout 4 seasons. so "Dynasty" has been a precise title for that team. However during in which total "Dynasty" run, not really ONE person in the particular Super Bowl winning Patriots had been on the protect associated with any Madden through '02 to '06. Isn't which odd to you? In Which the Super Bowl quarterback wouldn't want to be featured around the deal with of Madden! Based on very several associated with NFL athletes, becoming featured about the deal with associated with Madden is one of the actual highest honors that can occur for you as an NFL player! Precisely why wouldn't a Super Bowl winning quarterback become featured on the include of your most well-known football video game in the world? Hmmmmm......

It had been furthermore rumored in which within the identical year, MVP in the 2006 NFL season, running back again Ladanian Thomas' entire fan base inside Hillcrest signed any petition against him being on the include involving Madden simply because that they didn't want him to have hurt. Coincidence? I consider not! In case an individual had been in order to go and also investigate from the yr that will NFL athletes had been very first put around the cover involving Madden, you will discover which everybody of the featured athletes had been injured for the primary reason that particular year. There are totally to a fantastic deal of examples to mention associated with the give proof towards the Madden Curse and we could carry on as well as on but rather I can give you a reason why Brett Favre might always be the initial to interrupt it!

Brett Favre's off season actions were the effect of your man that had not searched himself before retiring. His retirement within my opinion, would end up being a psychological selection instead of your physical one. Simply Because involving this, Brett Favre retired also early, and also upon realizing which he had developed a mistake, decided that he wanted to come back! Just 1 problem, the Green Bay Packers had moved on! And Also simply because regarding this, Brett Favre is now any new York Jet! If a person examine the coverage involving Madden '09, it's Brett Favre on the protect in the Green Bay Packer uniform. While I stated before, it appears the Madden Curse only results the particular athlete and additionally the team, if he could be about the SAME team all through the particular year. Since Brett has become on the The Large Apple Jets, we're in new territory here! Really Does in which imply which Green Bays' new quarterback AAron Rogers will be going to possess a negative year? Can this mean the Green Bay Packers are generally destined in order to have a negative year? We don't know! We do realize regarding sure which Brett Favre will be around the include in a Green bay uniform and credited to this I believe that the actual curse will finally end up being broken! It could suggest the The Large Apple Jets could have a poor year! I don't know whats going to happen! Nevertheless it will most likely be a fascinating year. Just hope in which next year your preferred NFL athlete is not about the cover associated with Madden!

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