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"Music along with Moonlight", your inaugural charity benefit concert put on from the Joy & Care-Giving Basis Inc (JCGF) and in addition the Flagler County make It-Take It program was a stunning success. Also with the demonstrate running long (nearly 2 plus a half hours), the particular audience had been treated to be it support palm coast able to music, dance and also comic skits that will entertained with a number of the highest levels possible.

Space won't permit reveal review of every performance, yet a big number of which stood out. the display opened with the Indian Trails Mustang Band (middle schoolers) along with members of the Matanzas high School Marching Band playing our national anthem right after an inspiring drum-driven march for the stage. Then, Mr. Tito Lagonera sang your Philippine national anthem. (JCGF builds schools for underprivileged kids within the Philippines).

Mr. Lagonera's voice danced for you to our ears. He was joined from the Filipino audience members along with lovely as well as heartfelt voices.

The mixed band then proceeded for you to give us a couple up-tempo figures that rocked and snared the actual audience in to joyous participation. little do we know this outstanding commence to the show was just a little indication involving the factor in which was for you to follow.

After Flagler Educational institutions Steel Drum Ensemble entertained us with all the Theme Through the actual Pink Panther along with Funky Town, the particular audience thrilled for the musical prowess of Justine along with Derrick Tiu. Justine arrived on the scene with most the longest flute I've experienced (which means it was the majority of likely not truly a flute) while Derrick sat down at the piano. What followed can not be described as something but mesmerizing. Your Woman played the particular Hungarian Serenade by simply V. Joncieres having a dexterity far beyond her tender years. This specific young lady played with a degree which cannot always be lower than professional. Derrick, around the keyboards, has been elegant, soft along with supportive, his rhythms entirely complimentary for the dancing notes with the flute.

The audience reacted to the finish of the piece using a roar involving appreciation. I personally was stunned from the attractiveness of what I just heard. Then, in order to my amazement, Derrick appears up, retrieves any violin although Justine sits down for the keyboard. Derrick proceeds to always be able to regale us with Czardas simply by V. Monti. The Actual piece begins soft and also quiet, as well as periodically sizzles, his fingers flying across the strings, again, having a dexterity beyond his years. By Simply some time Derrick was finished, I has been thus completely dumbfounded I could do anything that will cheer my appreciation using the rest associated with the audience. after a pleasurable comic skit by simply The Actual Seton Players, Sharon Resnikoff stepped for the stage together with her acoustic guitar for 2 songs. both had been her own compositions - The Girl Rides the actual Wind and also the Rainbow Song. Whilst Your Woman Rides your Wind was a clean sufficient piece of creating and performing, The Actual Rainbow Song stood out having an intense lyric and also guitar function worthy with the highest degree of skilled music. Your Rainbow Song is actually a love song which at once delivers intensity and wonder together with lovely guitar work interlaced throughout. Whenever this song will come out, you may want to have any copy.

Later inside the program, Jameson Kuang practically stole the show. and if he didn't, it had been just simply because of the substantial company's aforementioned performers along together with a couple I have but to mention. at the particular extremely least, he ended up being the actual highlight of the nights highlights. Jameson played Ballade #1 in G Minor (Chopin). Played is much too weak a new description. He dreamed notes coming from his soul along with massaged these right directly into a piano keyboard which subsequently intoxicated our ears with sweet music on the virtuoso level. There can be certainly not any way the are living piano could at virtually any time create such grace along with passion. As his hands moved your duration with the keys, there was zero pounding, simply no vamping, but powerful, intense strokes had been produced through hands as well as heart that became 1 with just about all the instrument. This specific audience has been privileged for you to witness Jameson Kuang's passionate evocation regarding Chopin. Simply By my account, Chopin himself would are already proud associated with this performance.

One could say it had been just about all downhill following that with the actual exception that Tito Lagonera returned for the stage, this time together with Emelda Dinopol (Tito & Em). they performed a new lovely duet, weaving their accomplished voices about and also through your song The Particular Prayer. their harmonies were leading notch and their stage presentation absolutely nothing brief regarding professional. The son by the name of Sebastian Gutierrez then took the stage powering your piano keyboard and, alongside together together with his friends, played us several blues. I imply real live blues. with a really competent backing band (bass, drums and lead guitar), Sebastian labored laptop keyboards inside a good, old-time blues riff that grabbed your audience by the ears. The Actual merely shame involving everything had been that, because of the lateness in the hour, a new sizeable part in the audience missed this very strong performance.

There had been some other acts involving varying levels of talent. The Actual belly dance has been interesting. How they tend to be doing most that relocating is beyond me. The Particular Seton Players returned with an even funnier skit, nevertheless the finale with the Seton Mixed Choir backed with a more than competent brass section, rocked Palm Coast one last moment having a fiery rendition involving Go Ye In To Just About All the World. Kermit Allison led the particular musicians as well as choir via a new frenetic, passion filled crescendo that could have brought along the residence inside larger venues.

Summing up, for a scant $25, this present moved far beyond its intent to assist the particular Joy & Care-Giving Basis raise funds to construct schools inside the Philippines. Directed and also Coordinated by Kermit and Janice Allison, this show visited any degree that needs, no, in which begs for any larger audience. Subsequent year, I'd always be ready to bet there defintely won't be an empty seat in the amphitheater. I be positive concerning this I'll always be there.

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