Why Panama travel Solutions will be more Tempting than a Cinnabon

Panama will be heralded as certainly 1 of your world’s best VIP fishing destinations. Fisherman coming from around the globe travel way along with wide in order to Panama to end up being able to fish to get a selection regarding species, including marlin, tuna, cubera snapper, rooster fish and more! When you're a serious fisherman, consider a VIP fishing trip along with Connected Panama!

Located throughout Central America, Panama can be often referred for you to since the “Bridge in the Americas”. This convenient geographic location tends to make Panama an perfect headquarters with regard to multinational companies as well as NGOs, which usually has resulted in the booming economy as well as active tourism industry. Possessing coastlines on each your Caribbean along with Pacific, it’s no wonder that impressive fishing charters along with fishing resorts are present all more than Panama.

Panama VIP Fishing Destinations

Panama boasts several first class VIP fishing destinations, including your following.


Coiba is the largest island inside Central America, with an location regarding 503 km², off your Pacific coast of the Panamanian province involving Veraguas. That is actually section of the particular Montijo District of that province.

In July 2005, UNESCO declared Coiba National Park any world Heritage Site. The Particular island and its surrounding waters tend to be renowned regarding their biodiversity. Divers may come directly into connection with whale as well as tiger sharks, sperm whales, sea turtles, angel rays as well as giant schools involving fish. Coiba can be the final refuge for a number of threatened terrestrial animals such as the crested eagle along with numerous sub-species associated with agouti, possum and also howler monkey (including the Coiba Island howler monkey).

Piñas Bay

Piñas Bay (Bahía de Piñas) is actually located inside the Darién Province along Panama’s southern Pacific coast, just s56 kilometers (35 miles) in the border along with Colombia.

Piñas Bay is considered by many to become Panama’s greatest fishing destination. The Particular cold currents of south America meet the heat currents regarding Costa Rica, which usually mixes nutrients as well as attracts a assortment of marine life. over 200 deep-sea fishing world records happen to be able to be occur Piñas Bay, greater than somewhere else about Earth.

Piñas Bay will be residence to the Zane Grey Reef, a big seamount (underwater mountain) that will rises from the bottom in the sea as well as will come shut towards the surface. Your current brings plankton to the reef, that attracts baitfish and the larger fish in which prey on them.

Gatun Lake

Gatun Lake will be a large synthetic lake found south of Colón, Panama. That forms any significant a part of the actual Panama Canal, carrying ships regarding 33 kilometers associated with their particular transit throughout the Isthmus of Panama.

Fisherman can easily expect to be able to find snook, peacock bass as well as tarpon in Gatun Lake. Fishing from Gatun Kae is actually a excellent day trip opportunity, since it may be easily reached in a couple of minutes from Panama City.

Boca Chica, Chiriquí

Boca Chica is truly a town along with corregimiento inside San Lorenzo District, Chiriquí Province, Panama. The idea has a land area involving 88 square kilometres along with were built along with a population of 441 as of 2010, creating a new population density associated with 5 inhabitants per square kilometre.

Hannibal Bank is considered one of your world’s greatest locations to trap Black Marlin Panama Yacht Charters as well as Yellowfin Tuna. Though available yr around, the particular dry season, which begins throughout November and runs through April, is actually regarded since the greatest time and also power to go following these species. Blue Marlin, Pacific Sailfish and also Dorado are also abundant during the dry season. April will be considered the best month regarding Yellowfin Tuna.

Gulf associated with Chiriquí

The Gulf involving Chiriquí can always be a a part of Panama in which encompasses Coiba National Park as well as Golfo de Chiriquí National Park. You will find dozens regarding islands within this Gulf.

Panama’s Gulf associated with Chiriquí can be among the actual world’s premier salwater sport fishing destinations, where you can greater than twenty pelagic as well as inshore game fish species. Such As Piñas Bay, the currents stir up nutrients, which usually assistance a sizable amount involving microscopic life. Baitfish like to feed on the small species regarding this nutrient-rich water, which usually attracts the bigger predatory pelagics, for example Yellowfin Tuna as well as Black Marlin.

Puerto Armuelles

Puerto Armuelles can end up being a city and also corregimiento upon Panama’s Pacific coast within western Chiriquí Province next to end up being able to Costa Rica. This is the seat of Barú District.

Fishing hot spots for example Hannibal Bank, Isla Montuosa, Isla Ladrones and the 1000 fathom drop tend to be situated only a hop, skip along using a jump via Puerto Armuelles. Just Like the others with the Gulf of Chiriqui, fishermen can easily find a variety involving game fish within and also around Puerto Armuelles, such as Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo, Cubera Snapper, Rooster Fish, along with Dorado.

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